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Control Room
Control Desk - ETC Congo Kid
2 x 24 Strand Wallrack 2.5kW Dimmers
Control of 6 remote-switched stage power outlets for effects etc.
Control of House / Safety / Rehearsal Lighting systems
DMX feed to dimmers, FoH gantry,LX1 and stage left/right wings

Lighting Stock
6 x Robert Juliat 15/38 Profiles (1Kw)
6 x Harmony 15/28 Profiles (1Kw)
2 x Harmony 12 Profiles (1Kw)
3 x Cantata 11/26 Profiles (1Kw)
2 x Cantata 18/32 Profiles (1Kw)
1 x Cantata 26/44 Profiles (1Kw)
10 x Prelude 16/30 Profiles (650w)

4 x Strand Patt 743 Fresnels (1kw)
2 x Lito Fresnels (1Kw) with Barn Doors
8 x Selecon Fresnels (650w) with Barn Doors
8 x Harmony PC (1Kw) with Barn Doors
2 x Teatro PC (1Kw) with Barn Doors

4 x Floods (1Kw)
4 x Floods (500w)
34 Parcans
6 Chrome Floor cans
2 Strand Solo CSI Followspots with stands and colour mags
2 Martin Mac 250+
2 Martin Mac 500
4 Robe 575 XT
5 LED Par 64
4 LED Battens

Full stock of frames’ iris’s and gobo holders available plus a large stock of Lee Colour filters. Additional colour and gobos can be ordered at the hirer’s request.

Lights are rigged on Gantry, 2 x 14 way bars, 1 x 12 way bar and 6 side boom (3 each side) positions. There are also various dip sockets for floor lighting.

Specific lighting plans should be sent to the Theatres technical department at least three weeks before event.

The Theatre technicians can provide further information on any of the Theatres technical aspects.

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Box Office Opening Times

Tickets can be purchased in-person from the 1Leisure Reception located on the lower ground floor of the centre.

Weekdays 7.00am - 9.00pm
Weekends 9.00am - 5.00pm

The upper entrance box office is also open one and a half hours before a performance start time for ticket collections and purchases.

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