Hire our venue

Welcome to Medina Theatre

Hire the theatre for your next event, function or production. It is a highly adaptable space that can be used for:

  • Business conferences
  • School assemblies
  • Community theatre
  • Presentation evenings

the list is endless!

We can provide a variety of options for professional and amateur companies.

Set in the heart of the Island the theatre is easily accessible by bus or car. It is only a short walk from the Islands capital town Newport.

Our in-house Technical and Box Office team can provide support for your event.

The shape of the Theatre is square (23m x 23.5 x 9m average height), with seating and stage placed on the diagonal axis. It is linked to the Music Suite. We have a Green Room area. There are small practice rooms. These can double as dressing rooms for small groups or soloists / single performers. A larger classroom can double as a dressing room for large groups / chorus, or band room. There is a quick-change room for one person, approximately 10m from stage right.

Serving the theatre and adjacent to it, is a bar. This is shared with Medina Leisure Centre. Situated in this area is the main foyer and public entrance. There are backstage entrances to the scene dock and a stage door entrance for performers.

The Theatre can also arrange for tickets to be printed and events publicised. Publicity normally takes the form of press advertising and is charged for at cost. Prices for these are available on request.

Capacity: 430 (seated).

Competitive rates available.

To enquire or arrange a site visit please email medina.theatre@iow.gov.uk

Technical Staff Available

Two technicians are included in the hire fee for up to 16 hours in total (up to a maximum of 8 hours each). If additional technical cover is required, further support may be provided. We require a minimum of three weeks’ notice, and a fee will be charged to the hirer at an agreed rate.

The Facility Manager reserves the right to provide additional technical support if they feel necessary, informing the hirer and charging the hirer accordingly.

The hirer has the option to provide additional staff themselves, providing the Facility Manager has approved that the individual is competent to perform the task in question.

Technical Manager: T: 01983 823884
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