A dedicated group of front-of-house volunteers at Medina Theatre play a crucial role in the theatre’s operations on a voluntary basis, transforming it into a genuine community endeavour.

Our collective aim is to engage the local community in various capacities:

  • As an Audience: We invite individuals from the local community to attend performances at Medina Theatre, fostering a vibrant and supportive audience.
  • As a Performer: Through membership of local music, drama, and other artistic groups and societies, encouraging active participation in the performing arts scene.
  • As an Active Participant in Operations: We encourage community members to actively contribute to the theatre’s success.

Our volunteers play a pivotal role in the theatre’s daily operations. From warmly welcoming guests to assisting with ushering, checking tickets, and managing concessions, they are the heartbeat of Medina Theatre. Their dedication and enthusiasm contribute significantly to the overall success of our community-driven initiative.

Please get in touch, if you are interested in finding out more about our wonderful team of volunteers. Email: medina.theatre@iow.gov.uk

Medina Theatre Volunteers
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