Technical Information

The Theatre has a warm, intimate and friendly atmosphere with an auditorium fan of 70°, comfortable raked seating at an angle of 18°, and a very efficient heating/ventilation system.

In technical terms, the nerve centre is a spacious control room, well situated at the rear of the auditorium. This area houses lighting, sound, communication and film facilities.

Stage Dimensions

  • Total Stage Area - 120m²
  • Working Depth - 7m (Small stage only) - 10m (Full stage)
  • Working Height - 5m clear
  • Working Width - 10m (min) - 13m (max)

Diagram of Stage

(See also our diagram of the stage at the bottom of this page)

Medina Theatre Stage Dimensions

Scene Dock Dimension 8m x 4m


Control Room

Control Desk - ETC Congo Kid

2 x 24 Strand Wallrack 2.5kW Dimmers

Control of 6 remote-switched stage power outlets for effects etc.

Control of House / Safety / Rehearsal Lighting systems

DMX feed to dimmers, FoH gantry, and stage left wing

Lighting Stock

6 x Robert Juliat 15/38 Profiles (1Kw)

6 x Harmony 15/28 Profiles (1Kw)

2 x Harmony 12 Profiles (1Kw)

3 x Cantata 11/26 Profiles (1Kw)

2 x Cantata 18/32 Profiles (1Kw)

1 x Cantata 26/44 Profiles (1Kw)

10 x Prelude 16/30 Profiles (650w)

4 x Strand Patt 743 Fresnels (1kw) No Barn Doors

2 x Lito Fresnels (1Kw) with Barn Doors

2 x Selecon Fresnels (650w) with Barn Doors

4 x Harmony PC (1Kw) with Barn Doors

2 x Teatro PC (1Kw) with Barn Doors

12 x Harmony Fresnels (1Kw) with Barn Doors

8 x Cantata Fresnels (1Kw) with Barn Doors

3 x Floods (500w)

34 Parcans

6 Chrome Floor cans

6 Black Floor cans

2 Strand Solo CSI Followspots with stands and colour mags

2 Martin Mac 250+

4 Rogue R2X Spots

A selection of frames’ iris’s and gobo holders are available plus a large stock of Lee Colour filters. Additional colour and gobos can be ordered at the hirer’s request.

Lights are rigged on Gantry, 2 x 14 way bars, 1 x 12 way bar and 8 side positions (4 a side paired). There are also various dip sockets for floor lighting.

Specific lighting plans should be sent to the Theatres technical department at least three weeks before event.

The Theatre technicians can provide further information on any of the Theatres technical aspects.

Power Supply

2 rings of 13A Socket Outlets on stage protected by 30mA ELCB trip switches.

1 x 125A 3 phase socket ceeform on stage left. Which we can break down to the following below.

1 x 63a 3ph down to 3 x 63a single phase, which can also be split into 2 x 63 single phase and 2 x 32 single phase.


Intercomm system - ASL headsets / Tecpro Beltpacks.

Show relay with Paging (from lighting box) to all dressing rooms.


A full sound system is provided and designed for each hire. This can be discussed with the technical staff before the event.

The Hirer may provide their own sound engineer who may use the equipment. However, if the duty technician feels that the equipment may be damaged, or the volume/quality of sound may cause complaints, the technicians will take over.

Control equipment is located in the sound room at the rear of the auditorium. This room has a louvred window which opens into the main auditorium.

1 x Allen and Heath QU-24

2 x TX2152 Electro Voice TX2152 Tour X Series 2 x 15" 1000W

4 x Foldback Speakers

1 x Behringer inuke NU6000DSP Amp - main speakers

1 x Peavey CS800x (600w x 2) Amp - stage foldback

1 x Sony Mini Disc

1 x Numark CD Player

6 x Shure SM58 Mics

3 x Shure SM58 beta

3 x Shure SM57 Mics

3 x Shure SM57 beta

2 x AKG P170 Condenser Mics

2 x Sennheiser e609 Mics

1 x AKG D112 Mic

1 x AKG C747 Mic

Set of AKG Drum Mics

8 x Sennheiser UHF Radio mic receivers with beltpack transmitters / 4 with Handhelds.

5 x AKG UHF Radio mic receivers with Beltpack transmitters

Selection of microphone stands, cables, direct injection boxes etc.

Other Equipment


Rostra are provided and can be set up as required, although it may not be possible to have these set before the hire starts.

Additional stage furniture may be provided, e.g. lectern, tables, etc. Technical staff can advise.

Any alterations to the set-up of the theatre must be discussed with either the technicians or Facility manager before the event. The Hirer will be informed should any charge need to be levied.

A Steinway Model C grand piano is available at cost (tuning is also at cost). This must not be moved by any untrained persons and, if it is felt that the piano may be damaged by misuse, the technicians will withdraw its use from production.


Equipment may be flown on the six bars provided, at the discretion of the technicians who will supervise proceedings. If they feel the equipment is unsafe and may fall, it will not be flown.


If the hirer is providing their own scenery/cloths, they must be fire-proofed to a standard expended by the licensing authority. Technical staff can advise.

Other Equipment

5 x 250kg SWL raising and lowering sets on single purchase, geared hand winches. These give a maximum clear working height of 5.5m. Three sets (no’s 1,4,5) are occupied by lighting. Set 3 has triangular truss on it with a track on and also a set of legs on each end. Set 6 is empty. Due to the design of the Theatre, it is not possible to fly cloths etc during a production.

Rostra: 8 of 3' x 3' x 18"

8 of 3' x 3' x 12"

3 of 6' x 4' x 18"

Non-Illuminated Music Stands,

Selection of Chairs,

2 x 400W U.V cannons,

Antari Smoke Machine (Z-1200 Mk2)

Antari Low Fog effect (ICE-101)

Le Maitre MVS Hazer

Special Equipment

Whilst the Theatre has a comprehensive set of equipment it is realised that special equipment may sometimes be required, and this may be hired in by prior arrangement, and the cost passed to the hirer.


These are only to be used by the Theatre staff or other fully-trained persons (certification will be requested)

Pyrotechnics will be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions and rules set by ABTT and the licensing authority.

If the technicians or Facility Manager feel there is a danger to visiting cast, crew, audience, theatre staff or equipment, the use of pyrotechnics will be forbidden.

Medina Theatre Stage Dimensions
Extent of Apron to Extent of Sprung Floor
Extent of Apron to Black Tabs
Extent of Apron to Black Apex
Scene Dock Door (Inner)
170cm x 270cm
Scene Dock Door (Outer)
180cm x 280cm
Gallery (Floor)250cm above stage
Gallery (Handrail)360cm above stage


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